Darling Precious Children is about nurturing a child’s individuality and following their unique and individual interests, needs, hopes and dreams.  It’s about giving children the tools to reach their fullest potential in a sometimes crazy unpredictable life.  School teaches you lots about academics but never enough about real life. Darling Precious Children is a teacher’s vision for a better brighter future for all children, a future where all children are living their dreams!

Natalia – creator of Darling Precious Children – has a Master of Teaching (Primary)  and a Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to Five Years); an Associate Diploma of Social Sciences (Child Studies) and a Montessori six to nine years Diploma.  In addition to this, she has over twenty years experience studying and working with children in traditional preschools and long day care centres, Montessori preschools and Catholic, public and Montessori Primary schools. Lastly and most importantly, she is a lucky auntie to four nieces and one nephew (all under seven years) who bring sunshine into her life every day!

At Darling Precious Children we hope to give adults who have children in their lives – practical examples and advice on following your child and nurturing their spirit.  It’s about guiding them with love and peace through their journey. This means really understanding what it is that your child needs and providing them with the right tools for a happy meaningful life.

If you have any constructive comments or questions please feel free to contact us as we take you on this enlightening educational path. Welcome to Darling Precious Children!

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