Famous Failures

Failure leads to success

Failure is a means to an end – learning and eventually succeeding! The new year brings new beginnings and the magical opportunity of trying something you have never done before –  so don’t let the thought of failure stop you or your children.  Never let your children see failure as a bad thing, it’s just another opportunity to learn. Be there to guide and support them in their successes and failures and remember that the key is never giving up. The truth is that it is necessary for our development and enjoyment of life because if you have never failed then you have probably never tried anything new! Some of the most amazing people I know have failed but eventually they became successful because they refused to let anyone else define them.  Here are just a few inspirational people to keep in mind as you positively guide your child throughout this school year:

J k Rowling

J.K Rowling

She had no money, was depressed and living on welfare when she wrote Harry Potter, which incidentally was rejected many times before being published.

Vincent Van Gogh

Only sold one painting in his lifetime, this was to a friend and was sold for a small amount of money.  He was never successful while he was alive but pursued his dream, often starving to complete over 800 works which now bring in hundreds of millions.

Steven King

Had his first book, the amazingly successful – Carrie – rejected 30 times before he threw it in the bin. Luckily his wife got it out and convinced him to re-submit it.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

She was once told by a modelling agency that she should consider becoming a secretary and later 20th Century Fox dropped her because her producer thought she was unattractive and couldn’t act.

Steven Spielberg

He was placed in a “learning-disabled” class at one point in high-school but only lasted a month before dropping out of school forever.


Albert Einstein

He wasn’t able to speak until he was almost four years old and his teachers said he would never amount to much.

Michael Jordan

After being cut from his high-school basketball team, went home, locked himself in his room and cried.

Dr Seuss

Theodor Seuss Giesel is better known as Dr Seuss and wrote The Cat in the Hat book which has been read by most children,  but before that he had his first book rejected by 27 publishers.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

He was fired after one performance and was told “You aint goin nowhere, son.  You ought to go back to driving a truck,”  by his manager.

Bill Gates

He was a Harvard University drop-out who started his own software company (Microsoft) after purchasing software technology for $50.00 (US).

Steve Jobs

At thirty years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started.

Akio Marita (Sony founder)

You may not have heard of him but he founded the Sony company.  His first product was a rice cooker that burnt rice instead of cooking it and he sold less than 100 of them.  He didn’t let this set back stop him and his partners – they went on to create a multimillion dollar company.


Oprah Winfrey

Was demoted from her job as news anchor because she …. “Wasn’t fit for television.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Went on to become one of the most famous composers of all time but as a young student his music teacher once said  “as a composer he is hopeless!”  During his career he also lost his hearing but still managed to compose great music!


A high-school drop out whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire

At his first screen test the MGM testing director noted that Astaire “Can’t act. Can’t sing, Slightly bald. Can dance a little.”

Walt Disney

Fired from a newspaper for  “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas.”

F. W. Woolworth

Now well known as the founder of Woolworth stores, a young F. W Woolworth was once told by his boss, that he was not allowed to serve customers (in the store where he worked) as he lacked the sense to do so.

and last but not least

The Beatles

The Beatles

Rejected by Decca Recording studios who said “We don’t like their sound…They have no future in show business.”

Let the children in your life know that they should never ever give up on their dreams, or anything else that they want to learn or achieve. If they really want something they need to keep trying and working at it and you need to keep encouraging and assisting them. Read my previous posts on how you can positively guide them throughout this year and stay tuned for lots more. Don’t let failure stop them!

Happy guiding


Darling Precious Children

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