Jump In! Find Your Inner Child


Watching my niece and nephew jump through muddy puddles recently, I had a thought – well  a few actually! The first one was that children really know how to have fun – in any weather. The second one was that adults could learn a lot from remembering their inner child and from observing children. And the third one was, how lucky are the children who have adults around who understand and remember what it is like to be a child!


As soon as we feel the first drop of rain, many of us adults start whinging and whining about the inconvenience instead of embracing the change.  Not children though, well at least not the ones I know. They ask if they can put their umbrellas up and their gumboots on and go exploring. And when they get out there, wow do they have fun! They jump through muddy puddles and splash through the rain until they are completely dirty and thoroughly soaked…and happy! Reminding us that if we were to see every part of life and every season as an opportunity to explore and have fun – just like children do – then wouldn’t our life be that much more blissful!



Adults could learn a lot from remembering their inner child and observing children.  We often get caught up in work, chores, bills and all the mundane tasks of being an adult and we forget to have fun.  Yes children don’t have the pressures that adults do and we can’t spend our day playing but what about some of the day?  We could go for a morning walk or an afternoon swim. We could jump on the trampoline with the kids after school or swing on a swing. Life is definitely not meant to be all work and no play.  To be happy we have to find a way to fit play in. Like the kids making the most of a rainy day and turning it into fun, we need to make the most of our rainy moments and find some positives.



The other essential reason to remember our inner child is so that we can guide the children in our lives appropriately. If we forget that life is supposed to be fun then we often impose our negative way of thinking on the children in our lives. Whinging and whining that they can’t go out in the rain because they will get muddy and wet.  So what if they do get muddy and wet – they can have a warm bath and change into clean clothes when they are done! Adults often put problems in a child’s way that are not actually even there and only serve to hinder children’s growth. Before making decisions for the children in your care, take a walk back in the shoes of your inner child and then decide .



How lucky are the children who have adults in their lives who have not forgotten what it is like to be a child! They are the adults who encourage children to explore and think for themselves. They are the ones who do not just say no because it’s easier than saying yes. They ask the child what they would like to do without making every single decision for them. They are the ones who paint, glue, swing, ride bikes, swim, kick a ball, make cakes, run, dance, sing, eat the occasional treat food, etc, etc with the children in their lives.  And yes they are the ones who would put on their gumboots and jump through the puddles too. Adults who remember their inner child, understand why we must respect all children and treat them like the special people they are.


So to all the adults out there who have not spoken to their inner child in years – get talking! Put those gumboots on and jump right in! Your life and the lives of the children around you will be enriched and empowered because of it and you will all be much happier.


Happy guidance and jumping in muddy puddles,


Darling Precious Children


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